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Changing the World…

A book can awaken a child’s mind and change the course of their future. Teaching children to develop a love of reading and a passion for life-long learning can change the world.

One WORD At A Time!

Why is reading so important in this day and age? With television to give us our news, DVD’s and the internet to keep us entertained, who needs to read?
The answer ….is everyone.

Books saved our Founder’s life. When Glenn Toby was eight years old, he, his mother and older brother were evicted from their Brooklyn, New York apartment and made to live on the streets, on subways or find warmth on hotel hallway floors. Reading allowed him to travel to foreign and distant places; reading allowed him to travel beyond his reality.

Help Us Empower the Program we are already utilizing to help the 100 Plus kids the 2nd Tuesday of Each Month with Ms. Brooks.


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